Past Projects
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Thursday, 21 April 2011 10:41
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Holm Ave Extension Story City, IA 2016-2017
A $500,000 contract amount.  Project includes 2,000 LF of sanitary sewer extension, 900 LF of RCP arch pipe, structures, road grading and base rock.  Work completed for Clappsaddle-Garber Associates.


Panda Express Mason City, IA 2016
Site prep, base rock, water, sewer, grease trap and storm sewer installation was completed for the new building.  Storm sewer work included the installation of a special stormtech underground detention system.  Work was completed for Pinnacle Construction.


East 2nd Street Utility Relocation Webster City, IA 2016
A $1 million project that included replacing old utilities before a separate road paving project took place.  The tight time frame project that had to be completed while maintaining traffic flow at all times included 4,000 LF of watermain, 1,000 LF of sanitary sewer, 1,000 LF of storm sewer and structures.  This work was completed for Snyder and Associates.  


19th Street Extension Project Mason City, IA 2015-2016
Work completed under Croell Inc. who was the prime contractor.  Contract amount was $900,000 and included, 2,500 LF of watermain, 3,000 LF of RCP storm sewer, 25 storm structures, road grading and base rock.    Work was completed for WHKS.


Middle School Addition Charles City, IA 2015-2016
Completion of contract A for an approximate $1 million for the Charles City Community School district and Estes Construction.  Work included hauling in 60,000 CY of offsite fill placed and compacted, site grading, sanitary, water, storm utility construction, building pad and road base prep.  Contract also include work for The City of Charles City completing road grading and utility improvement for the adjacent 1st ave extension.  Work was completed for BLDD architects.  


Madison School Demolition Mason City, IA 2015
Demolition of an old elementary school for the Mason City Community school district.  Work included removing all debris from the site, backfilling/compacting and site restoration.  The site is now currently being used as a community park.  


DD-94 Drainage Way Retrofit Eagle Grove, IA 2014-2015
A $2.6 million job designed to help drainage during large storm events.  Work included 9 precast double and triple box culvert crossings, utility relocates, 30,000 CY of drainage way excavation and grading, boring under UPRR and surface restoration.  Work was complete for Veensta and Kimm Mason City office.  

Sewer Separation

Sewer Separation Project Mason City, IA 2012-2013
A $1.2 million job designed to create access holes for a sanitary sewer trunk line that is poured in the base of a cast in place box culvert from the 1930's. The 10 new access holes were used by the CIPP contractor to line the sewer line to help with inflow infiltration in the line. Work included, manholes, sanitary piping, watermain, precast box culverts, cast in place box culvert closure pours, custom saw cutting and surface restoration.



CDBG Disaster Recovery Mason City, IA 2011-2012
A $5 million, 200 spot sanitary sewer repair job for the City of Mason City, paid for with CDBG Federal Grant money.  Work included the replacement of aging sanitary sewer mains, sanitary manholes, watermains, storm sewers and water/sewer services.

Federal Ave. Streetscape

Federal Ave. Streetscape Mason City, IA 2010-2011
A four and half block long renovation project of Federal Ave. in heart of downtown Mason City. The project included the overhaul of all infrastructure (some over 100 years old) including, sanitary sewer, water, storm sewer, paving, landscaping and lighting.


FEMA Flood House Demolition

FEMA Flood House Demolitions Mason City, IA 2010-2011
The demolition of 38 properties that were destroyed in the floods of 2008.Work included, water and sewer disconnects, demolition of the property and landscaping.



Clear Lake Watermain

2010 Clear Lake Watermain Distribution System Clear Lake, IA 2010-2011
Work included four miles of 12” watermain for the City of Clear Lake.



Garner Recreation Center

Garner Recreation Center Garner, IA 2009-2010
Work included the demolition of the Garner Veterans Memorial Gym, storm sewer, site work for a new retention pond and new parking lot for the new Garner Rec. Center.



Belmond Medical Center

Belmond Medical Center Belmond, IA 2009
The demolition of six buildings downtown Belmond for the future expansion of the Belmond Medical Center.Work included demolition of 34ft tall building adjacent to the historic Santa house, which special protection was required.



South Sanitary Sewer Interceptor

South Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Mason City, IA 2007-2008
A project that included four miles of 15”-27” sanitary sewer ranging from 8’-30’ in depth, along with 50 new manholes for infrastructure for Mason City’s new industrial park.



Forest City Storm Sewer

Forest City Storm Sewer Forest City, IA 2006-2007
The upsizing of storm sewer in Forest City, IA.Work included the installation of 60” reinforced concrete storm sewer pipe and structure work




Northbridge Mason City, IA

Northbridge Mason City, IA 2004-2005
A four block reconstruction project of the North end of Mason City’s downtown area.The work included new water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, paving and lighting.



Radium Removal

Radium Removal Project Contract 2 Mason City, IA 2003-2004
A project that included approximately 6 miles of 12”-18” ductile water main all over Mason City as part of the Radium Removal Project for the City of Mason City.




Clear Lake Force Main

Clear Lake Force Main Clear Lake Sanitary District 1998-1999
The installation of 12,880 LF of 12” ductile sanitary force main for the Clear Lake Sanitary District.The contract also included 5,860LF of boring under Clear Lake performed by a sub contractor.(Midwest Contractor Cover Story)


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